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Helping Your Female Betta Fish to Live Happily In A Sorority


Being kept in a sorority is something that all betta fish fear. After all, the prospect of being trapped with other aggressive fish who see you as nothing more than an after-dinner snack must be pretty unnerving. Fortunately, this fear isn’t entirely unfounded: keeping female betta sorority can be hazardous to their health. However, if you take some precautions and follow our advice, you should have no problem raising your female betta fish happily in a sorority. Thankfully, some things make it easier for females to live in a sorority. Unlike male betta fish, females do not develop pronounced secondary sexual characteristics. This means that they are smaller and less aggressive than males; they won’t try to claim territories or attack other tank mates unless provoked first. Other factors like their natural inclination towards cohabitation and their comparatively small size mean that keeping female betta fish together is quite straightforward.

Settling your betta fish in a sorority early

One of the most important things that you can do when introducing new fish to a sorority is to make sure that there is plenty of space for them to swim away from each other. If you don’t, your betta fish are likely to get stressed out and territorial, making it almost impossible to keep the sorority happy. To help your betta fish settle into the sorority early, you should keep them in smaller tanks. This will help them to get used to each other; they will be able to establish territories and hierarchies without feeling too threatened.

 Finding the Right Tank Mates

Before you introduce your betta fish to their tank mates, you must make sure that they are compatible. Different species of fish require different levels of water quality, temperature, and diet; if you just throw all of your fish in the tank at once, the weaker fishes are liable to get sick and die. Keeping your betta fish in a sorority is much easier if you choose tank mates that are peaceful, like zebrafish and tetras.

This way, your betta fish won’t have to fight for their territory, and you’ll have a much easier time keeping the water clean. However, your betta fish may not appreciate the company of other fish. If this is the case, you will have to keep them in a sorority of one.

Choosing The Right Filtration

Betta fish are notorious for being messy, and keeping females in a sorority won’t change this. If you want to keep your sorority healthy, you will need to buy a large filtration system. It is also important to clean your sorority tank more frequently than you would if you were keeping just one betta. Betta fish produce a lot of waste, and this waste will quickly clog up the filtration system. This will prevent the system from breaking down the waste, meaning that it will start to build up in the tank. When this happens, it will pollute the water and make your betta fish sick.

 Decorating With Rocks and Plants

Bettas are partial to a little decoration, but they don’t always choose tasteful pieces. It is therefore a good idea to invest in some cheap but nontoxic rocks and plants. You should also choose decorations that are suitable for a sorority tank. Large decorations can provide hiding places for aggressive fish, which could lead to fighting.

 Feeding Your Female Betta Fish In A Sorority

Your bettas will be living in a sorority, so you will need to feed them a varied diet. This should include protein, vegetables, and some high-quality pellets. We recommend mixing these with frozen food; this will help to prevent bloating and indigestion. Keep in mind that growing, healthy betta fish can be aggressive and territorial. You should introduce new food at least once every day and make sure that each betta gets her fair share.


Keeping female bettas in a sorority isn’t as straightforward as keeping males. You will need to buy a large tank, keep the water clean, and feed your fish a varied diet. You will also need to buy several fish and be prepared to wait while they settle into the tank. However, the payoff will be worth it; female bettas are beautiful and fun fish to keep. As long as you follow our advice, you should have no problem raising your female betta fish happily in a sorority.


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